The Best Poker Rooms in Vegas for Beginners in 2022

The Best Poker Rooms in Vegas for Beginners in 2022

Many people feel intimidated the first time they enter a Las Vegas poker room as everything seems new and unknown. However, if you are a beginner player, the first experience with a Las Vegas poker room shouldn’t feel like that. Instead, there are a number of poker rooms in Vegas for beginners you can check. The low stakes poker is what you really need as those rooms are full of fun-loving tourists, just like you. A low stakes poker game is a $2/$4 Limit Hold’em, also known as ‘2/4 limit.’ So, if you want to play poker in Las Vegas for the first time, you should start with a low-limit game. Here are the best poker rooms you can find in Vegas if you’re a poker newbie. If you yet cannot make it to Las Vegas, you can go to various online casinos. However, some of the casinos online have a Gamstop tool that prevents players from UK for example to approach the site. You can check this list of non UK licensed casinos and find the one you like.

Now, let’s see what Las Vegas is offering.

Golden Nugget

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This poker room is an exceptional choice if you happen to be in downtown Las Vegas. There are 13 smoke-free tables in a tight room, which is the most luxurious poker room on our list. Moreover, different levels of live cash poker games are always available staring from beginner low limits. The plush décor and the comfortable seats make this room one of the most popular in Sin City.


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This poker room is a paradise for beginners. So, you get exceptional cocktail service and the softest games around without a notable absence of pros. The Bally’s offers many exciting varieties of casino poker, which can suit everyone from beginner to the seasoned veteran of the game. The room is open 24/7 and it’s the major venue for no-limit Hold’em players. There are 18 tables in the poker room which offer 1-2 No Limit, 3-6 Limit Hold’em, and Daily Guaranteed Tournaments. However, you might find the room very busy and tiny.

Planet Hollywood

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If you are an avid nightclub enthusiast, you’ll love playing in this room. The atmosphere exceeds everyone’s expectations. This isn’t an actual poker room, but just 10+ tables in the center of the casino. The place can get quite busy, but it offers a unique poker experience. You’ll find cash games, tournaments, WSOP events, and $1/$2 and $2/$5 No-Limit Hold’Em live cash cation.



This poker room is one of the most active rooms packed with tourists. The poker room is part of a spectacular hotel and smoke-free all the time. The drinks are always free and you can easily mistake it for a party. The MGM is quite close to Centrifuge Bar and there is a real mix of players here. It’s the perfect spot for a poker newbie as it will show you the game in Las Vegas. Note that the chances of meeting a professional poker player here are very low.


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This cool poker room has it all, from drunk tourists to cheap tourneys. In Excalibur, you get the easy level of play with little or no pro players, but only tourists and weekend warriors. The loose and soft play happens from midnight to 6 a.m., while during the day the games get a bit tighter. The mid-sized poker room on the Las Vegas Boulevard offers lower-limit cash games and tournaments. It is definitely one of the best places on this list for beginner poker players.

Mandalay Bay

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This nice poker room is located at the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip. The Mandalay Bay has a variety of no-limit and limit Hold’em games, as well as, three daily tournaments. The room is quite small with 12 tables of continuous action. Note that the Mandalay Bay poker room is only open Monday through Thursday, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m., while it is open 24 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Additionally, the room also offers free poker lessons for beginners Monday through Thursday at 2:00 p.m.


Flamingo Las Vegassource:

The 12-table poker room is one of the most well-established poker rooms in the City of Lights. Hence, you will find No-Limit Hold’em, the best 2-4, 3-6 & 4-8 Limit Hold’em, 5 daily tournaments and interesting promotions. So, the Flamingo poker room is one of the best Las Vegas poker rooms for beginners.

Caesars Palace

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This 24-hour poker room features 16 tables with free upgraded Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, which can be found at each seat. The Caesars Palace poker room offers cash games of all stakes and a full daily schedule of Las Vegas poker tournaments. This poker room is probably the largest on this list.


Bellagio Las Vegassource:

The Bellagio poker room is the most stylish one in Sin City. However, it has a busy cash action and thus, it offers just one daily no-limit Hold’Em (NLHE) tournament at 2:00 p.m. It is a very luxurious room which might feel a bit intimidating for you as a beginner, but you’ll get an unforgettable experience.