Before blowing your money at the blackjack table, learn these tips.

Before blowing your money at the blackjack table, learn these tips.

Blackjack is widely regarded as one of the most popular casino games. It’s easy to play, but extremely difficult to win consistently. If you’re new to the game, it’s understandable that you might not be sure how to approach playing blackjack. However, with a little practice and a few strategies from top pros, you could easily end up winning more than you lose. Here are three of the best blackjack strategies for beginners. 

This “blackjack for beginners” page’s goal is to give a thorough but understandable overview of the game. Too many game guides quickly become extremely complicated. Here, we’ll stay clear of that.

The rules of the card game are covered in the first section.

The first strategy we’ll discuss here is called “basic strategy”. This is a method that has been around since the game was invented, and it involves keeping track of what cards have already been dealt out, and betting accordingly. The basic plan is simple enough: when you get two cards of the same value (i.e., 10 or 11), you want to hit until you bust, which means you take all the money in your bet down to zero. However, there are some minor variations on this basic strategy; for example, if you’re getting two cards that add up to 16 (and you don’t want to bust), you can double down instead. 

Another variation on basic strategy is called “soft hand” strategy. This variation allows you to hold off on hitting unless you’re fairly confident that you’ve got the right combination of cards for a successful outcome. For instance, suppose you’ve won two hands back-to-back, and you know you’ve got an ace and face card (a pair) in both hands. In that case, you should probably hit. But if you’ve won just one hand, and you think you only have an ace, you may choose to wait to see what other cards come next before deciding whether to hit or stand. You’ll also need to keep track of what cards remain in each player’s hand — if they go down to zero while you’re waiting, it’s time to bust. 

Finally, we’ll look at another strategy known as the “Parlay Strategy.” This technique is essentially a way of combining basic strategy with soft hand. Instead of playing the odds by holding back on your decision to hit or stand, you simply decide whether you want to split the pot between yourself and the dealer. If you do, you double down. Otherwise, you split. Of course, this makes sense — if you’re going to split anyway, why not make it worth even more? 

To use the Parlay Strategy, first figure out when you will bust. This is done by figuring out the number of cards remaining in each player’s hand after every round. Then calculate the probability of busting when you have X cards remaining in your hand. For instance, if you have 4 cards left, and you have a 5% chance of busting with 4 cards left, then your bust percentage would be 95%. That means that, for every 100 times you play, you expect to bust once. Therefore, you should aim to make your bet equal to or slightly less than twice the house advantage on your bets. 

The second strategy we’ll discuss is called “hit and run,” which is the opposite of basic strategy. With basic strategy, you try to hold onto your cards until you know you’re good and ready to bust. Hit and Run, however, is a strategy where you want to hit as often as possible, and then leave before the dealer hits. If the dealer hits, so much the worse for him. 

This strategy is very straightforward. All you need to do is hit whenever you think your hand is strong enough to take over the game. Keep track of the cards in the deck, and when you feel like you’ve got at least 21, you should hit. When you hit, you immediately draw a replacement card from the hole card and discard the original card. As soon as the dealer gets his first card, he automatically loses — no matter what the dealer does, you win. 

The third strategy we’ve discussed is called “bluffing.” This strategy revolves around the idea that online slots Singapore employ pit bosses who will call you on any obvious mistakes you make. And because the rules of the game allow you to bluff, you can sometimes use it to your advantage. 

In order to bluff, you first need to determine the amount you should bet, based on your skill level and your knowledge of the casino’s rules. Once you’ve determined that amount, you can start taking actions that seem to indicate you have a weak hand, without actually having a weak hand. For instance, if you get a blackjack, you can pretend like you’re about to bust, and then give the dealer a hard time about having such a bad hand. By doing this, you can trick the dealer into thinking you have an excellent hand, even though you don’t. 

If you follow these three strategies, you should become a much better blackjack player. And if you keep using them, you will eventually develop a system that works for you. Once you find a system that works well for you, you will never have to worry about losing again.


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